2021 BMW 330e PHEV Sedan Press Kit

Press Kit Contents

The 2021 BMW 330e and 330e xDrive PHEV Sedans

New plug-in-hybrid versions of BMW’s iconic sports sedan.
  • New generation of design, suspension, engine and technology.
  • MSRP of $44,550 for 330e and $46,550 for 330e xDrive sedan plus $995 Dest.
  • New home charging solutions available for BMW EV and PHEV customers.
  • Market Launch planned for May 2020.
 Link: BMW 3 Series Sedan Press Information
Woodcliff Lake, NJ – March 26, 2020…Today, BMW is proud to announce the newest additions to the 3 Series model line, the performance plug-in-hybrid 330e and 330e xDrive Sedans. BMW’s latest eDrive technology, advanced driver assist, safety and infotainment systems allow the new 2021 BMW 330e and 330e xDrive sedans to deliver exhilarating driving experiences while lowering emissions and allowing for purely electric driving.
Over the past 40 years, no single model has embodied the concept of the Ultimate Driving Machine better than the BMW 3 Series Sedan.  Modern design, agile handling, exceptional efficiency and innovative equipment features, all signature characteristics of a BMW, have been raised to a higher level through tireless engineering and testing. The BMW 330e and 330e xDrive Sedans expand on not only the core of the BMW 3 Series range (of which over 15 million units have been sold worldwide) but also the heart and passion of the BMW brand.
New 4-cylinder PHEV drivetrain with XtraBoost
The new BMW 330e and 330e xDrive Sedans utilize an intelligently controlled powertrain consisting of an electric motor, a high voltage battery pack and an internal combustion gasoline engine to enhance the performance driving experience of the 3 Series.
A 2.0-liter BMW TwinPower Turbo engine developing 181 hp @ 3,800 – 6,500 rpm and 258 lb-ft of torque @ 1,450 – 3,600 rpm is complemented by an electric traction motor developing 107 hp at 3,170 rpm and 77 lb-ft of torque @ 0 – 3,140 rpm. The combined power output is 288 hp and 310 lb-ft or torque with XtraBoost.
A high-voltage 34 Ah / 12 kWh gross (9.09 kWh net) lithium-ion battery module located underneath the rear seats provides the storage capacity for electric-only and performance oriented driving.
The estimated EPA purely electric range for the BMW 330e Sedan is 22 miles (20 miles for the 330e xDrive Sedan). The estimated MPGe rating for the 330e Sedan is 75 (67 for the BMW 330e xDrive).
A brand-new feature in the new BMW 330e and 330e xDrive Sedans is XtraBoost, which enhances power and performance when the throttle is depressed to the kick down position. Available in SPORT mode, XtraBoost offers an immediate 40 hp power increase for up to 10 seconds.
The BMW 330e Sedan’s electrified drivetrain allows it to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds (5.7 seconds for the 330e xDrive Sedan). Both models feature an electronically limited top speed of 130 mph when equipped with all-season tires. When equipped with summer performance tires, the 330e Sedan reaches a top speed of 142 mph (140 mph for the 330e xDrive model).
Purely electric driving up to 87 mph
In the HYBRID driving mode, the new BMW 330e and 330e xDrive Sedans can operate at speeds up to 68 mph on electric power alone, an increase of 19 mph over its predecessor. Emissions-free and fuel-free ELECTRIC mode allows driving up to 87 mph, up from the previous 75 mph. The standard Active Protection for Pedestrians features an exterior speaker system to generate an unmistakable sound created specifically for electrified BMWs when operating in electric-only mode at speeds up to 20 mph.

8-speed Sport Steptronic transmission

The new BMW 330e and 330e xDrive Sedans are equipped with a standard 8-speed Sport Steptronic transmission. The latest version of this quick-shifting sport automatic transmission features a new, optimized hydraulic control system and shorter gearing for improved response and acceleration.

Intelligent connectivity enables the sport automatic transmission to adapt its shift strategy according to the route and driving situation. Working with the standard navigation system, the 8-speed Sport Steptronic transmission uses data from this system and from the optional Active Cruise Control system’s radar sensor. This makes it possible for the transmission to avoid unnecessary gear changes when negotiating a series of fast corners and, when approaching a vehicle ahead for example, to shift down early in order to use the engine braking to scrub off speed.

Choice of Rear-Wheel Drive or BMW Intelligent xDrive

The BMW rear-wheel drive performance feel or the all-season capabilities of BMW’s latest intelligent all-wheel-drive system? Your choice with the new 330e models.

The fully variable power transfer of BMW’s intelligent xDrive ensures maximum traction and directional stability in all road and weather conditions while also promoting sportier handling. This functionality comes courtesy of the electronically controlled multi-plate clutch in the transfer case which links up with the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system and constantly adjusts power transmission – precisely and in a fraction of a second – in response to the driving situation. In this way, any tendency of the vehicle to oversteer or understeer greatly reduced.

The system’s rear-biased set-up helps ensure the new BMW 3 Series Sedan retains the exhilarating driving experience drivers expect from a BMW. Sending more drive power to the rear wheels under normal driving increases agility when cornering. In situations which do not require all-wheel drive, the efficiency of BMW xDrive is increased by directing all the engine’s torque to the rear wheels. The weight of the system has also been reduced, while optimized oil supply increases internal efficiency.

Chassis Technology: Sportiness and comfort

The body structure and chassis of the new BMW 330e and 330e xDrive Sedans was developed with a focus on enhanced driving dynamics, agile handling characteristics, high-precision steering and superior braking performance. The foundations for these attributes are provided by a low center of gravity, by the increase in the front and rear track compared with the predecessor model, by significantly increased camber values for the front wheels and by the substantial increase in the stiffness of the body structure and suspension mountings.

In addition to these measures, new shock absorber technology has been developed for the BMW 3 Series Sedan. The lift-related dampers are part of the car’s standard chassis and make a major contribution to the unique balance of sportiness and comfort – unrivalled by any other manufacturer – which defines the character of the new BMW 3 Series Sedan. The car’s handling and steering dynamics can be fine-tuned with a series of precisely matched chassis options. The functionally coordinated interplay of suspension, steering, tires, brake system and differential lock makes sport driving an effortlessly enjoyable experience.

Driver Assistance Systems

The BMW 330e and 330exDrive Sedans also assume a pioneering role when it comes to assistance systems designed to ease the driver’s workload in monotonous driving conditions – such as traffic jams – and lends a helping hand in awkward maneuvering situations. The new model generation offers a far wider choice of standard and optionally available systems which enhance specific aspects of comfort and safety.

Camera images and the data gathered by radar and ultrasonic sensors are used to monitor the vehicle’s surrounding area and either alert the driver to hazards or minimize the risk of an accident by means of corrective braking and steering. The optional Active Cruise Control with Stop and Go braking function helps to make life easier on long-distance journeys by automatically accelerating or slowing down the car to maintain the desired speed set by the driver. The set speed can be imported directly from the optional traffic sign recognition system’s display. The Active Cruise Control system with Stop & Go function goes even further to help the driver by not just maintaining the chosen cruising speed but also keeping a safe distance from vehicles travelling ahead. The system is operational in a speed range from 0 – 130 mph and is able to brake the vehicle to a standstill, if necessary. The maximum length of time that can pass before the car starts off again automatically has been extended to 30 seconds. In order to determine the ideal moment to pull away, the system’s sensors now register not only the vehicle immediately ahead, but the one in front of that as well.

The new 3 Series PHEV models come standard with the Active Guard, Frontal Collision waring with City Collision Mitigation and Lane Departure Warning, the latest version of which also alerts the driver when a cyclist is detected. Depending on the situation, the system can bring the vehicle to a halt to either avoid a collision or minimize its consequences. The optional Driving Assistant includes Blind Spot Detection systems, which operate from 44 – 130 mph and from 12 mph to the car’s top speed respectively, and help the driver to guide the car back onto the correct path with a steering input. The Driving Assistant’s remaining functions also include Rear Collision Protection and Cross-Traffic Alert, thereby reducing the risk of a collision when reversing into roads that are obstructed from the driver’s view. To help it keep an eye on what’s happening behind the car, Cross-Traffic Alert is able to employ both the radar sensors in the rear bumper and the rear view camera.

Driving Assistant Professional: the ultimate in comfort and safety

The optional Driving Assistant Professional offers the full complement of assistance systems for comfortable and safe motoring. Underpinning it all is a trifocal camera co-developed with Mobileye, working in conjunction with a front facing radar. This complete package makes its systems available in an exceptionally wide range of situations. In addition to all the components of the Driving Assistant and the Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function, it also includes the Steering and Lane Keeping Assistant, which takes its cues from road markings and vehicles driving ahead and works together with the driver to help keep the vehicle in the detected lane. A dedicated button on the steering wheel’s left-hand spoke ensures the systems are easy to operate. Pushing it once activates both the Active Cruise Control and the Steering and Lane Keeping Assistant.

The Driving Assistant Professional also features the Lane Keeping Assistant with Active Side Collision Avoidance. As well as emitting visual warning signals and causing the steering wheel to vibrate, active side collision avoidance also uses a steering input to help avoid collisions. Rounding off the Driving Assistant Professional’s extensive list of functions are the Evasion Assistance, which now also reacts to pedestrians and Cross-Traffic Alert.

The Extended Traffic Jam Assistant is designed to help the driver during the most tedious driving environment, stop and go traffic. Designed to operate on limited access highways at speeds up to 37 mph, this system integrates Lane Keeping Assistant, Active Cruise Control with Stop and Go and a driver attention monitoring camera that replaces the need to touch the steering wheel every 30-50 seconds as long as the driver’s attention is clearly on the road ahead.

Parking Assistance Package Plus with Back-Up Assistant: maneuvering with ease

Drivers of the new BMW 330e and 330e xDrive Sedans are also able to rely on the comprehensive support of innovative assistance systems when parking and maneuvering. The optional Park Distance Control (PDC) with sensors at both the front and rear provides visual and acoustic signals to prevent collisions with obstacles located to the side or rear of the vehicle. The optional Parking Assistance Package goes further with Automatic Parking, which automatically selects either parallel or perpendicular spaces along to the road, and maneuvering into them. The latest version of the system takes care of steering the car, accelerating, braking and automatic transmission shifting. What’s more, Automatic Parking can now also be used to automatically maneuver out of parallel parking spaces. Here, the driver first specifies the direction in which the parking space is to be excited by switching on the turn signal for the appropriate side. The system then guides the vehicle – using reversing and steering inputs – into a position from which the driver can leave the parking space with the steering turned to the same angle.

Another of the Parking Assistant’s features is the innovative Back-Up Assistant, which helps the driver to exit parking spots or maneuver when space is limited. This system is the only one of its kind in the new BMW 3 Series Sedan’s segment. Back-Up Assistant offers the highly convenient option of automated reversing in confined spaces or situations where the driver does not have a clear view, such as narrow parking garages or entrances to courtyards. To do this, the system stores the steering movements for any section the car has just driven forward along at no more than 22 mph. The system is then able to reverse the vehicle for distances of up to 50 yards by steering it along exactly the same line it has just taken when moving forward, while all the driver has to do is operate the accelerator and brake pedals and monitor the area around the car. The Back-Up Assistant can back the car up at a maximum 5.5 mph.

The rear view camera and the functions included with the optional Parking Assistant Package provide drivers with an excellent overview of the situation when parking or exiting parking spaces. The Park View, Panorama View and Remote 3D Top View features are used to create a 360° image of the vehicle and its surroundings – from different perspectives – in the Control Display. Meanwhile, the Remote 3D View function gives drivers the ability to call up a three-dimensional live image of their vehicle and its immediate vicinity on their smartphone.

BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant

Available in the BMW 330e models is the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, an intelligent, digital character that responds to the prompt “Hey BMW”. The BMW Group is set to revolutionize driving pleasure with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant and, in so doing, enter a new era in which drivers will increasingly be able to operate their car and access its functions and information simply by speaking. The range of functions and skills available will be constantly expanded as part of regular updates.

The Intelligent Personal Assistant is, in short, the ideal co-driver and comes in particularly useful during everyday driving (“Hey BMW, what is the closest gas station on my route”). To make navigation particularly easy, drivers can give him access to their calendar and contacts, which will enable him to find parking spaces at the destination, provide information on traffic jams along the route and remind the driver when they need to set off. It also learns destinations the customer drives to frequently.

BMW Digital Key: turning the smartphone into a car key

The BMW Digital Key employs Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to allow the new BMW 330e and 330e xDrive Sedans to be locked and unlocked from a compatible smartphone, removing the need for a conventional car key. Holding the smartphone up to the door handle opens the car. Once inside, the engine can be started as soon as the phone has been placed in the wireless charging or smartphone tray. Accessible via the BMW Connected app, the Digital Key offers unrivalled flexibility. The BMW Digital Key is compatible for all NFC-capable Samsung Galaxy smartphones running Android 8.0 and above. Compatibility is limited to select carriers.

Expanding Charging Solutions

Improving the charging experience for BMW EV and PHEV drivers is a top priority, and 2020 will see an expansion of access to public charging to provide a more premium and easy to use experience. This service will offer a single, convenient point through which to search for and locate public charging from multiple charging networks, initiate charging of your plugged-in BMW vehicle and facilitate billing.

To take full advantage of the electric-only capability of their BMW plug-in-hybrid vehicle, new and existing customers are able to work with their dealer to receive referrals to local service providers for the installation of a Level 2 BMW i Wallbox charging unit in their home. By choosing a professionally-installed 240v Level 2 home charging unit, customers can enjoy charging up to 7 times faster than with a 120v standard outlet charger.     

Recently, BMW began a collaboration with Amazon to offer BMW customers the choice of researching hardware, checking pricing and scheduling professional installation via the easy-to-use Amazon digital platform that they may already be familiar with.

By visiting www.amazon.com/bmwcharging, customers can find out charging times for their specific BMW EV of PHEV vehicle, choose from a selection of best-selling charging units and compare prices, with and without professional installation. An installation estimate is provided based on a simple three-question survey and the customer’s zip code.

Customers to schedule a professional installation appointment via Amazon Home Services. Installation is handled by handpicked, background-checked, insured and licensed service professionals in the customer’s area. The installation process is also covered by Amazon Home Service’s Happiness Guarantee to insure complete satisfaction through every step of the experience.

Standard Features

The 2021 BMW 330e and 330e xDrive Sedans come equipped with a comprehensive list of standard equipment including:
  • 18-inch V-Spoke bi-color grey wheels with all-season run-flat 225/45R18 tires.
  • Sport eight-speed automatic transmission
  • Sport leather multi-function steering wheel
  • Power front Sport seats
  • 40/20/40 split rear seat
  • Fine Wood trim with Ash Grey-Brown high gloss finishers.
  • Moonroof
  • Auto-dimming interior and exterior mirrors
  • Automatic Climate control
  • Dynamic Cruise control (reduces speed in corners and can apply brakes downhill)
  • Rear view camera
  • Navigation
  • Live Cockpit Professional with
  • Hands-free Bluetooth and USB audio connection
  • Alarm System
  • SiriusXM Satellite radio with 1 year All Access Subscription
  • Apple CarPlay Compatibility
  • ConnectedDrive Services
  • Acoustic Protection for Pedestrians
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Active Protection - Automatic front seat belt tensioning, Automatic closing of windows and moonroof, Fatigue and Focus alert, Post-crash braking.
  • Active Guard - Pedestrian warning with braking, Frontal Collision Warning, City Collision Mitigation with braking, Speed Limit information.
Optional Packages
  • Convenience Package – Comfort Access keyless entry, Lumbar support, Park Distance Control, LED Headlights with Cornering Lights, Active Driving Assistant* or Driving Assistance Professional, Active Blind Spot Detection.
  • M Sport Package – choice of 19-inch wheels with all-season run-flat or performance fun-flat tires, SensaTec Dashboard, Choice of aluminum or wood interior trim, LED Fog Lights, M Steering wheel, Aerodynamic kit, Shadowline exterior trim.
  • Parking Assistance Package – Parking Assistance Plus, Active Park distance control, Surround Camera View with 3D View
  • Premium Package – Heated Steering Wheel, Comfort Access keyless entry, Lumbar support, Heated front seats or heated front and rear seats, Park Distance Control, LED Headlights with Cornering Lights, Active Driving Assistant* or Driving Assistance Professional, Head-Up Display, Active Blind Spot Detection.
  • Executive Package – Heated Steering Wheel, Comfort Access keyless entry, Lumbar Support, Heated front seats or heated front and rear seats, Active Driving Assistant* or Driving Assistance Professional, Icon Adaptive LED Headlights with Laserlight, Head-Up Display, Gesture Control, Active Blind Spot Detection.
  • Driving Assistance Package – Park Distance Control, Active Driving Assistant* (or Driving Assistance Professional), Active Blind Spot Detection.
  • Dynamic Handling Package – 19-inch M Double-spoke jet black or bi-color jet black Style 791M wheels with 225/40R19 front and 255/35R19 rear performance run-flat tires, M Sport brakes, Adaptive M Suspension, Variable sport steering.
  • Driving Assistance Professional Package – Extended Traffic Jam Assistant for limited access highways, Active cruise control with Stop & Go,
*Active Driving Assistant includes Pedestrian Warning with braking, Frontal Collision Warning with City Collision Mitigation with braking, Speed Limit Information.

Stand-alone options
  • Heated Steering wheel
  • Adaptive M Suspension
  • Variable sport steering
  • Power tailgate
  • Heated front seats
  • SensaTec dashboard
  • Interior Aluminum or wood trim
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Park Distance Control
  • Active Driving Assistance Professional
  • Harman Kardon surround sound system
  • Wireless Charging



330e 330e xDrive
Seats -- 5 5
Number of Doors -- 4 4
Drive type -- RWD AWD
Length inches 185.7 185.7
Width inches 71.9 71.9
Height inches 56.9 56.9
Width including mirrors inches 81.4 81.4
Wheelbase inches 112.2 112.2
Ground clearance inches 5.8 5.8
Turning radius feet 18.6 19.7
Shoulder width front inches 56.0 56.0
Shoulder room rear inches 54.6 54.6
Legroom front inches 42.0 42.0
Legroom rear inches 35.2 35.2
Headroom front inches 38.7 38.7
Headroom rear inches 37.6 37.6
Trunk volume ft³ 13.2 13.2
Fuel Tank capacity gallons 10.6 10.6
Curb weight lbs. 4,039 4,138
Gross vehicle weight lbs. 5,126 5,225
Payload lbs. 891 891
Weight distribution, front / rear % 48.4 / 51.6 49.3 / 50.7




Gasoline engine type -- B48B20O1 B48B20O1
Cylinders -- 4 4
Valves per cylinder -- 4 4
Bore x Stroke mm 82.0 x 4.6 82.0 x 94.6
Displacement cm³ 1,998 1,998
Compression rate :1 10.2 10.2
Engine power Hp 181 @ 3,800 – 6,500 181 @ 3,800 – 6,500
Engine torque ft. lbs. 258 @ 1,450 – 3,600 258 @ 1,450 – 3,600
Fuel type
Premium Premium




Electrical machine
Electric traction type Electric traction type
107 @ 3,170 107 @ 3,170
77 @ 0 – 3,170 77 @ 0 - 3,170
High-voltage battery Ah 34 lithium-ion 34 lithium ion
Battery capacity, gross (net) kWh 12 (9.09) 12 (9.09)




Combined power / torque
288 hp / 310 lb-ft 288 hp / 310 lb-ft




Transmission type -- GA8P75HZ GA8P75HZ
Transmission type -- automatic automatic
Gear ratio, 1st :1 4.71 4.71
2nd :1 3.14 3.14
3rd :1 2.11 2.11
4th :1 1.67 1.67
5th :1 1.29 1.29
6th :1 1.00 1.00
7th :1 0.84 0.84
8th :1 0.64 0.64
Final drive :1 3.231 3.231
Reverse :1 3.32 3.32




Power-steering type -- EPS EPS
Steering ratio :1 14.1 14.9




18” Tires standard, front / rear -- 225/45R18 95H A/S 225/45R18 95H A/S
18” Wheels standard, front / rear inches 18 x 7.5 18 x 7.5
19” Tires optional, front / rear
225/40R19 93H A/S 225/40R19 93H A/S
19” Wheels optional front / rear inches 19 x 8.0 19 x 8.0
19” Tires optional, front
225/40R19 93Y Perf. 225/40R19 93Y Perf.
19” Tires optional, rear
255/35R19 96Y Perf. 255/35R19 96Y Perf.
19” Wheels optional, front inches 19 x 8.0 19 x 8.0
19” Wheels optional, rear inches 19 x 8.5 19 x 8.5




Track, front inches 62.2 62.2
Rear, track inches 61.8 61.7
Cx -- 0.26 0.27




0-60 mph seconds 5.6 5.7
Top speed (with perf. tires) mph 130 (142) 130 (140)
EPA Fuel Economy, city / hwy MPGe 75 67
EPA estimated electric range miles 22 20