The BMW Group at the Mondial de l'Automobile Paris 2016. 

The Mondial de l’Automobile Paris 2016 (Paris Motor Show) being held from 1 – 16 October 2016 will provide the setting for the world premiere of the BMW Concept X2, as well as the show premieres of the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo and the BMW i3 with a more powerful battery and increased range. BMW Motorrad, meanwhile, is staging the world premiere of the BMW C evolution e-scooter, which likewise features a battery with higher capacity and longer range. And BMW is also using the Paris show to present its recently launched personal mobility assistant, BMW Connected.

The BMW Concept X2: A new dimension to joy.
World premiere: The BMW Group is presenting a new addition to the compact segment in the shape of the BMW Concept X2. The new vehicle has a design which stands apart from that of the other X models and also draws on the BMW Group’s history of coupe-making. The result is a sporting, urban and compact concept – a successful blend of dynamic appeal and solidity. The distinctive character of the BMW Concept X2 is already evident in its proportions. While its large wheels and familiar two-box design underline its functional X model character, its long wheelbase, stretched roofline, short overhangs and heavily forward-slanting C-pillar give the body a sporty, lowslung feel.

The new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo: a sporting gran turismo withbexcellent everyday practicality and long-distance comfort. Show premiere: BMW is revealing the new version of the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo, which combines coupe-like elegance with the spaciousness o a luxury sedan and the luggage capacity of a station wagon – and packages it all in a visibly sportier exterior. The three petrol and five diesel units in the engine line-up generate substantially more power while burning less fuel. All the petrol engines and the four-cylinder diesel in the BMW 325d are making their
debuts in the new model. Inside, the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo creates a fine impression with features such as superior quality materials, the Navigation system Professional’s new user interface that comes straight from the luxury class and even better smartphone connectivity. In the space of just three years, the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo has grown into an established name in the mid-size segment, with the Chinese, German and US markets as the main sales drivers. For the majority of customers, this is their first BMW.

The BMW Group at the BMW i3 (94 Ah): range up by 50 per cent, retrofit option, faster charging and more powerful BMW i Wallboxes. Show premiere: The latest variant of the BMW i3 can travel over 50 per cent further on a single charge. The higher storage density of its battery’s lithiumion cells gives the BMW i3 (94 Ah) a capacity of 33 kilowatt hours (kWh). On the standard NEDC cycle, this equates to a range of 300 kilometres (186 miles) instead of the previous 190 kilometres (118 miles) – and even in everyday use in unfavourable weather conditions that require the air conditioning or heating to be switched on, it is still capable of covering distances of up to 200 kilometres (125 miles) without recharging. By achieving such impressive range and economy figures while still delivering hallmark BMW performance, the BMW i3 (94 Ah) sets a new benchmark in its segment. Besides extra equipment options, BMW i also offers new, more powerful Wallbox charging stations for home garages. Vehicles equipped with the firstgenerationbattery can have the new unit retrofitted. The BMW i3 with 60 Ah battery pack first launched three years ago will still be available to customers. BMW is also using the Paris show to present a new and exclusive version of its i8 plug-in hybrid sports car: the BMW i8 Protonic Dark Silver Edition. The new BMW C evolution: BMW Motorrad unveils the

new e-scooter with an extended range and new colours.
World premiere: BMW Motorrad is raising the bar in the e-scooter segment with the new BMW C evolution, which will be built in two variants – a longrange version and a European version that falls under the A1 driving licence category. A new-generation battery with a cell capacity of 94 Ah, the same as that fitted in the latest BMW i3, leads to a considerable increase in the scooter’s range. The version that meets the requirements of the A1 driving licence category picks up the previous model’s range of around 100 kilometres (approx. 62 miles), while the long-range version is capable of covering up to 160 kilometres (99 miles) between charges. This provides a sound basis for zero-emissions riding combined with excellent practicality in the city and broader urban areas. What’s more, standard specification now includes a new charging cable with a smaller cross-section. New optional extras, such as a smartphone cradle, offer even greater scope for customising the new BMW C evolution. And last but not least, the new BMW C evolution sports a number of visual enhancements. Both versions of the new C evolution e-scooter are available in a new colour scheme: Ionic Silver metallic / Electric Green combined with Black Storm metallic for a contrasting effect. In addition, the centre tunnel trim of the long-range variant is emblazoned with a new graphic.

BMW Connected – the personal digital mobility assistant from BMW.
BMW has been connecting driver and vehicle for years now courtesy of ConnectedDrive. And this August BMW Connected was launched, presenting customers with an all-encompassing digital concept that provides a seamless support tool for all aspects of personal mobility. Using a flexible platform called the Open Mobility Cloud as a basis, BMW Connected seamlessly integrates the vehicle and multiple touchpoints, such as an iPhone or Apple Watch, into the user’s digital life. The launch version of BMW Connected focuses first and foremost on journey management for the vehicle, featuring digital products and services designed to simplify, above all, the day-to-day planning of driving routes and appointments. BMW Connected thereby helps users get to their destination on time and without any stress.

Please Note

To the extent that historical press releases reference BMW Manufacturing Co. LLC as the manufacturer of certain X model vehicles, the referenced vehicles are manufactured in South Carolina with a combination of U.S origin and imported parts and components.