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BMW Motorsport Media Information. 2013 American Le Mans Series.

Media Service. Your contact partners for the American Le Mans Series.

Jörg Kottmeier
D-80788 Munich
Phone: +49 89 382 234 01
Mobile: +49 170 566 61 12

Ingo Lehbrink
Phone: +49 89 382 760 03
Mobile: +49 176 203 402 24

Thomas Plucinsky
Phone: +1 201 307 37 83

Bill Cobb
Phone: +1 215 295 31 15

Media information is available in various E-mail formats (text, PDF, HTML) in both German and English. Please send any requests to amend the distribution list via email to:

ALMS previews will generally be released on the Tuesday ahead of the race weekend. Race reports will be sent out on the Sunday after the ALMS races.

After each race, you will find the latest BMW Motorsport media information and copyright-free images for editorial purposes online at:

Results and the latest news are available on the official BMW Motorsport website, at: