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BMW Motorsport Media Information. 2013 American Le Mans Series.

Technical Specifications

Length: 4,395mm (excl. rear wing)
Width: 2,010mm
Height: 1,205mm (depending on set-up)
Weight: 1,245kg (according to ACO regulations)
Tank capacity: 110 litres (according to IMSA classification)

Chassis/body: Steel body with welded safety cell

Transmission: six-speed sequential sport transmission, operated via shifting paddles mounted on the steering wheel, multiple ZF Sachs clutch

Front axle: McPherson axle with pushrods and wishbone, additionally with adjustable shock absorbers, H&R coil springs

Rear axle: Longitudinal links with wishbone, adjustable shock absorbers, H&R coil springs

Brake system: hydraulic dual circuit brake; monobloc multi-piston light alloy brake callipers, inner-vented steel brake discs, seamless brake balance adjustment (front and rear) by the driver

Wheels: BBS forged aluminum wheels, front axle: 12,5x18“, rear axle: 13x18“

Tyres: Michelin, front axle: 300-680-18, rear axle: 310-710-18

Engine type: Eight-cylinder, V-configuration, four valves per cylindre, mandatory air restrictor (2x29.4mm)

Capacity: 4,400cc
Max. output: approx. 480bhp (with mandatory air restrictor)
Max. torque: approx. 480Nm
Cylinder block: Aluminum cylinder block construction

Engine management: BMW Motorsport ECU 408, without fuses, central display